My Mom’s Beef Caldereta (Ang Caldereta ng Nanay Ko)

One of the advantages of having my Mom here in New York is the homecooking I sorely missed since I left Manila in 2000.  The other day I requested her to cook Beef Caldereta (from scratch) and today I had some leftover for lunch at work.

The first bite of the succulent meat which was deeply flavored by the vinegar it was marinated in was just pure heaven!  The food was more than delicious — it was many things to me.  It was a reaffirmation of my Mom’s tender loving care which she had showered my siblings and I through all these years.  It was a reminder of home and the things I’ve missed so dearly since I started calling the big apple my new home.  It showed me the wisdom in age which I hope to acquire when my son, Angel, is a grown man.  I hope that one day he will take a bite of something as ordinary as Beef Caldereta and remember these things and more.


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