In a Dog-Eat-Dog World, I feel Blessed

Work has basically been one chaotic day after another.  My cadence is dictated by the frenetic pace of the boss who has a penchant for multi tasking, given her immense responsibilities and the wide scope of her territory in this Fortune 30-something I’m working for.  (I refuse to give out free advertisement!)

After trying out a PR Agency and a Non-profit (endorsed by celebrity Mary Tyler Moore)as my first jobs here in New York, I landed, in all places, with a financial services company not unlike the last two multinationals I was with back in the Philippines.  After going with a small and then a not-so-small business entity, I am at home once again with the giants of the industry.

It was a decision to join this financial giant or join a glamorous publishing group as assistant to the glam publisher — it was not exactly apples and oranges but neither was the choice really that difficult to make.  In the end it came down to money. 

A few months shy of two years after I chose this employer, here I am rehashing my resume and thinking of jumping ship.  The boss jumped the gun on me, though, and told me in a few weeks’ time, she will help me find alternative employment.  I am not supposed to divulge this but this I am hiding behind a pseudonym here as Pinay NewYorker, I guess I can tell the web that she told me she’s changing lines while remaining within the company.

I felt relieved and I felt lost.  Relieved because she gave me the out I was praying for.  I can actually start looking for other opportunities in the company without fearing a backlash from her.  It wasn’t really that much of an issue because she has had 5 assistants in the last 5 years, and I’ve been with her for almost two — do the math.  Then again, I didn’t know how she would react to news of my seeking a position in another department behind her back.  I felt lost because while she was “letting me go”, there was a caveat that I could not look for a new job until the announcement was formally made, and while it is a big company — there were no guarantees. (Gulp)

I’ve actually been rewriting and reformatting my resume since the beginning of December when it became more than apparent that the honeymoon was over and that there were actually days when she couldn’t stand working with me.  Needless to say, the feeling was mutual — and I was playing it by ear wondering if I ought to jump the gun and jump ship, or should I wait for the ax to fall and then go my way.  Not only was our relationship strained, but the boss’s hours were taking a toll on my newfound passion outside the office — Motherhood and my little guy, Angel.

Yet in the midst of it all, I feel blessed.  I have a good paying job — and despite all the hassle and the crap I get, I know it’s part of the package.  And I look at this new development as a way for me to perhaps move on.  I am sending out my resume to two recruiters only — and if an opportunity comes up internally, I would prefer to stay if they can let me keep better hours.  If not, I am counting on my luck out there.  There’s always something out there for those who try to find it.



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