Thinking Chocolate: Dreaming of Serg's

I make no bones about the fact that I am a chocoholic. Even in the midst of having gestational diabetes while pregnant, I managed to get my chocolate fix with sugar free chocolates to sate my appetite. These days, I’m desperately trying to cut down to lose weight in time for spring and the sleeveless tops of summer. My newly discovered heaven: Caramel filled Ghirardelli. My favorite sin: eating strawberries dipped in caramel. While it is a test of wills to actually avoid picking up a candy bar from the vending machine just a few steps away from my cubicle, I have managed to stash a dollar for each successful attempt at overcoming a craving. (Beneficiaries are Nikky and Audrey — and so far, they have around $10 between the two of them.)

Sitting here typing away and working through the frenzy of the afternoon, I debated about whether or not I would fish for the seventy cents I would need for the vending machine to pick up a candy bar or if I would stay put. Then a sinful thought crossed my mind — what I would give for a bar of Serg’s Milk Chocolate. Serg’s is the chocolate bar from the sari-sari store next door which I grew up with. How could I have forgotten about it when I went home in 2002? Next time I go home, or better yet, when my siblings come to visit me soon, I will ask for a box of Serg’s. No Goya or Chocnut for me.. I’m happy with the small Serg’ bars I used to love to break up into the predefined sections. They would melt in your mouth with all their milky goodness.  They even had a crispy variety — but it’s always been milk chocolate for me.

I remember the allure of the sari-sari store next door which had an uncanny smell emanating from its stocks.  I loved to look at the huge jars filled with various goodies, and those snacks that hung from wires suspended from the ceiling.  And there would be the Serg bars.. can’t wait to sample this again.. hopefully soon.

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