Paint My Face Happy

Monday, Monday.. The day is not exactly a light one, but it’s not another one of those you’d term a day straight from hell, and I am trying to make it through without stumbling all over myself. I guess my brain wasn’t exactly in gear this morning when I discovered I left the house with only one glove and without my winter cap. Fortunately, the parka has a hood, and the pockets are big enough to keep my hands warm despite the two bags I was carrying. I am actually tempted to hop on the N train and go to Bloomingdale’s one stop away on Lex & 59th. Then again, I’m happy here in my warm and toasty world without having to bother with the hassle of climbing up the subway platform a storey above me, even if the thought of winter accessories being 1/2 off is a tempting proposition.

I took the extra time to cuddle and carry Angel this morning after he woke up me a little after 6AM, so I managed to scoot out of the house with only my foundation, blush and eyeliner painted on. Thank God for survival kits like my eyeshadow and lipstick selection in my bag. I have this thing for make up being consumed and I somehow get a kick out of seeing the bottom of the pallette as I rub my make up brush to pick up some color. Or when I see my lipstick getting short and stubby signalling the need to get more.

Most of my make up kit now has the cover loose and broken, which makes it necessary for me to do some quick fixes like perhaps using duct tape to make sure the covers stick to the correct pallette. Despite the wide array of new make up available, I have enough eye shadow and rouge choices to make it through the next season. Even if I consume a stick or two of lipstick, I’m still well stocked in the browns and pinks and reds.. I will live.

Make up has been my candy. My second christmas here in 2001, I actually asked Alan to give me an Estee Lauder make up set which was a purchase with purchase offer. So we had to find someone to give the mini-perfume selection to so I could get my make up. I have just started to use most of that make up in the past couple of months, because I just liked to look at it and know I had it for the first year or two. I just raked in quite a take on a gimmick I completed a few days ago, and when I think of what I can get myself as a little perk — you guessed it, I thought of make up. It has been a while since I purchased any new make up — mostly as an austerity measure. After all, I was well stocked. But for a little pick me up, I couldn’t think of anything better.

Call it vanity if you will — my face is my canvass.. painting it each day helps me put my better (if not my best) foot forward.   It can change my mood from drab to perky — and on days when I wish I didn’t have to get out of the house, looking good helps me to brave it all and count the hours til I get the chance to go home at the end of the day.