Another Donut kind of day

I really sould get a donut or two soon considering this donut craving has been rather persistent of late.  Give me a powerpoint presentation to bang my keys on all night and all day and I will do it without a complaint — but give me spreadsheets and numbers and I’ll be screaming at the 10th iteration.  It’s been another hectic day at work.. personal issues continue to multiply.  Maybe I do need a vacation.  I was hoping to take one in Paris end of the month — depending on the penchant of the French to give this Filipina a visa of course.  So that is still a big IF for now, but something I am really looking forward to. Maybe I’ll lie down beneath the Eiffel tower and take a shot from the ground.. take pictures from inside the pyramid entrance of the Louvre..or just candid shots of the French.

That’s going way ahead, though.  Have to get the visa first.. and maybe my donut.