I am itching to get out of the office as the boss is, but then I have yet to get a call from Alan to let me know that he is already around the bend.  Oh, well, FRIDAY!  Don’t we wish it were Friday every other day? 

I see the pictures of Angel smiling at me on the walls of my cubicle and I cannot wait to see my little guy.  I am so looking forward to spending the next 2 days with him — just being mom and watching him be his adorable self.

I envy Alan who worked from home today and spent it holding some unsightly goo oozing from his diaper, and then having the misfortune of being showered by something warm when Angel was left at his foot without a diaper on.  Last night as I lulled him to sleep, we were “talking” to each other as if we understood each other — and I watched him drift off as if he were singing to himself.  Such precious moments I keep going back to in my mind and which I embrace over and over again in my heart.

Thank God it’s Friday!