Never good enough

We’ve been having quite a rough day at work this past few days because of so many things happening all at once.  So the regular stress that I have to deal with working where I work has more than doubled with the new developments in the company. 

I guess I belong to the majority in the company who, according to a Gallup survey they commissioned, feel they are not being paid enough given the amount of work they put into the job.  I have been churning out documents, grids, powerpoint presentations, etc., all in record time to keep up with the boss’s crazy deadline, and I feel as though no matter how good the quality of my work is or how timely I finish the tasks given, it all amounts to nothing.

The feeling of your boss making do with your skills is something that may be alien to some people, but it leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.  So here I am again a little lost and wondering is this doing me any good as far as my standing in her eyes is concerned. 

Getting into Scrapbooking

The crafty side of me has always been into things I can do with my hands.  However, despite the hundreds of pictures I have taken of my Angel, I have yet to put an album together.  So this previous weekend I finally found a scrapbook I thought I was happy with, and I’m pulling together my resources to start my scrapbooking adventure.

For starters, I bought scrapbook paper which I thought I would reproduce by scanning.  Somehow the scanned image didn’t come out as nice as I thought it would be.  Then in the midst of searching for clipart and photos for a powerpoint presentation I’m working on, an idea hit me.  Why not use clipart photos to compose into various themes?  (Voila! What an idea!)

So I’m starting to do just that: gathering stuff I can put in Angel’s First scrapbook.=)  Below is my first attempt at putting together the same flower in different sizes and composing it into a graphic.. I’m happy…

Ash Wednesday

Since I am not a weekly church goer, I try to make good on other religious obligations like fasting or at least abstinence during holy days of obligation like today, Ash Wednesday.

I have already asked around and I just found out that there is a church two blocks behind our building here.  I have also made a conscious effort to avoid meat during the Lenten season, and so far, I have been good at it.

I am always moved to see so many people in Church for the laying of the ashes on the forehead, considering one would think Catholics are a minority in the US.  I was just reading a magazine yesterday which said Roman Catholics actually comprise the majority at 65% of Americans today.  I suppose proof of this is the fact that there is a church on every other street in Manhattan — something I discovered during my first year here when I googled “Roman+Catholic+Churches, NY, NY”.  If there is one on 38th, there will be one on 36th and another on 34th.  What would vary is the side of Manhattan where the church is.  One can be on the East Side, and the other on the West Side, but don’t discount the possibility that both might be on the same side in some cases.

But unlike in Manila where they will be holding mass at the mall (in Glorietta, for example) or even in offices willing to host one, here in New York we flock to to the houses of worship and perform our religious obligation. 

As I enter the season of Lent, I pray for forgiveness of my sins and that I may be cognizant of God’s presence in my life by remembering His supreme sacrifice — in my own little way, in my own little world.