Thinking Happy Thoughts: Thinking about LIPSTICK

Lipstick would be the last make up item I am in need of right now because I have enough in the browns, pinks and reds to keep me looking the way I want to look given what I am wearing and what I’m feeling in the mood for. I just cleaned up a lipstick and gloss compact from GAP which I bought on sale for $1.99 practically a year ago. With the “nude” look making a resurgence, the pale pink lipstick pallette does well to “lighten” any lipstick and lend it a lighter sheen. While some make up experts advise that the lipgloss is “out”, I put it on more out of necessity to help moisturize my lips against the harsh elements of winter.

I’ve also simplified my eye makeup to two shades (instead of three), painting the whole lid a light shade and then applying definition with a darker but not too defined shade in the same color. I can’t wait until it’s not too cold and I can start wearing liquid eyeliner and mascarra again. My eyes tear up in the cold and I’m afraid to “ruin” the look with raccoon eyes and all.

So why am I occupying my mind with such frivolous things as make up when I ought to be working my butt off here in front of my computer? Sometimes when work or other issues get to be too much, I am reminded of my sister, Offie’s, incantation: “Happy thoughts, Sis.. think happy thoughts.” It’s one of those days when things are spinning out of control, and the boss’s temper is short and you wish she’d just take a deep breath and relax.

Should I find consolation in the thought that I’m not the only one undergoing these stressful times? (Almost all the assistants on this side of the building are complaining if not showing their own display of weird behavior.)

But back to lipsticks.. I should really unload some of the tubes I keep carrying around. My big red tote has a small red purse to go with it and right now I think I have no less than 4 tubes of lipstick in there along with the GAP lipstick compact. Right now I feel like wearing berry red. (A reflection, I guess, of the “intensity” of my feelings/moods at the moment.)

It’s almost 5PM but I doubt I’ll be going home anytime soon after 5.. so let me think some more happy thoughts.