A Special Valentine

My Valentine’s day this year came 2 days early — with my special valentines (yes, in the plural sense) Alan and Angel gave me their valentine gift this morning.  It was a beautiful diamond ring which I now wear on my right hand.

It’s a special gift not only because besides my engagement ring and then my wedding band, this is the only ring I received from anyone outside my family.  Alan and I don’t really exchange gifts during Valentine’s Day because we usually just go on a special date at some fancy restaurant — but this year was special.  I got a pre-Valentine gift (a pink Kenneth Cole raincoat) and I knew I was getting a ring because Alan had to ask for my ring size.  I just didn’t expect it would be a diamond ring.  Simple and elegant but beautiful– special because the diamond is my birthstone, and a diamond is a diamond.

It’s a red lettered day this Valentine’s Day indeed.