All Set for Paris

I have been faithfully watching the fares on to go down so I can purchase my non-stop flight to Paris. I originally got a price hold for $401, and by the time I had applied for my visa to France, it was $886. Today I bought it for $398, now a web special, and I’m just counting the days and waiting for my visa. Meanwhile, I’m getting ready for Paris, although I have yet to immerse myself in reading about the places I will be visiting.

I bought a 2005 calendar of French Impressionism to use as a journal while there. i think I’ll do my first entry today. I also mean to use its pages for letters to friends which I hope I can mail from Paris.

I haven’t quite started packing yet but I don’t expect I would need to bring much, considering I will be there for only 3 1/2 days, and I intend to travel light. Alan and I had also agreed that I would order my main meals from room service to save on money because our food expense would be 50% off as part of his employee perks. (I should remember to bring ziplock bags for my “baon”.) Food and drinks in Paris, I heard, can be pretty expensive. I will sample some espresso and crepes, though, and maybe some eclairs and french pastries.

Postcards are definitely on my shopping list, of course, and I am writing a postcard pal from Avignon with the help of Google’s translator, requesting for information on where to buy postcards in the city of lights. In the hope of making my own postcards, too, I am taking my digital camera, a “toy” camera I will load with black and white film, and I might just get a disposable advantix (for panoramic shots of the Eiffel tower in particular) in addition to that.

Candies and snacks? I think I’ll bring my own. That ought to save me some money. Now it’s time I studied the place and try to get some phrases together.

Paris, ici je viens! (Paris, here I come!)

My Valentine Monday

Alan brought me to work today because he leaves for Paris tonight. I kept telling him I miss him already. Even if we have been married 5 years and he has been on at least 2 business trips every year, it is still difficult for me to sleep without him beside me. I remember how we used to have little quarrels about his falling asleep on the couch watching TV, because I don’t really drift off into a deep sleep until I feel him there beside me.

It’s the second trip since Angel came into our lives, and it’s just so different sleeping with the whole bed to Angel and I. If it’s any consolation, I’m joining him after a week and half for a 4 day little getaway in Paris.

I’m wearing the ring he gave me as a valentine’s day present. I msut say it completely threw me off guard. We never really gave presents to each other for V-day, but this year, he just felt he had to because it was our fifth Valentine’s day as husband and wife, and our 6th together. Our first ever valentine’s date was still in Manila when he had brought his family home for the “pamanhikan”. After that, we had “One if by land, Two if by sea” in 2001, Le Colonial in 2002, Indochine in 2003, and Anisa in 2004. For 2005, it will probably be LeCeladon in Paris.

It is indeed a happy valentine’s day for me because I have Alan and now, Angel, as my valentine. A red letter day? You can say that again.

Any day is Valentine's Day

I’m typing this with one hand, lying in bed, with the laptop on my lap, ang Angel nursing on one side.  I’d really very much rather be sleeping, but I thought I’d do even just a short entry here before turning in.

The way my weekends go, it’s a feat to actually be able to write e-mail or get any work done online.  I’m just lucky Angel’s in position here and I can actually type even if in this weird position.

Our weekend went by rather too fast, although we spent a good part of it here at home, as Alan tried to take in as much time as he can with Angel.  He will be in Paris 2 weeks and I’m joining him for the last 4 days.  That means 2 weeks of no hugs or kisses from his “mini Me”, Angel. 

We tried to watch “Hitch” as a valentine movie date Saturday evening but the movie was sold out.  Instead we opted to stay home and just lie with Angel in his little play pen til the wee hours of the morning.  Today we did indulge ourselves a little and stopped by to share a waffle bowl of one of the banana concoctions of Coldstone creamery. 

It’s our fifth valentine’s day together as husband and wife, and we still take the time to go out on little dates — he still insists I put my hand on his right lap as he drives so he can hold it, and we hold hands through every movie we watch.. yes, up to now.  Alan’s the type of guy who can make any day Valentine’s day– that’s why I feel so lucky to have him in my life.