Any day is Valentine's Day

I’m typing this with one hand, lying in bed, with the laptop on my lap, ang Angel nursing on one side.  I’d really very much rather be sleeping, but I thought I’d do even just a short entry here before turning in.

The way my weekends go, it’s a feat to actually be able to write e-mail or get any work done online.  I’m just lucky Angel’s in position here and I can actually type even if in this weird position.

Our weekend went by rather too fast, although we spent a good part of it here at home, as Alan tried to take in as much time as he can with Angel.  He will be in Paris 2 weeks and I’m joining him for the last 4 days.  That means 2 weeks of no hugs or kisses from his “mini Me”, Angel. 

We tried to watch “Hitch” as a valentine movie date Saturday evening but the movie was sold out.  Instead we opted to stay home and just lie with Angel in his little play pen til the wee hours of the morning.  Today we did indulge ourselves a little and stopped by to share a waffle bowl of one of the banana concoctions of Coldstone creamery. 

It’s our fifth valentine’s day together as husband and wife, and we still take the time to go out on little dates — he still insists I put my hand on his right lap as he drives so he can hold it, and we hold hands through every movie we watch.. yes, up to now.  Alan’s the type of guy who can make any day Valentine’s day– that’s why I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

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