Pumapatak na naman ang Ulan..

..sa bubong ng bahay.. di maiwang gumawa ng di inaasahang bagay..” – The Apo Hiking Society

So goes one of my favorite songs from that trio.  It’s raining and I decided to leave my “good” (translated: working) umbrella at home because this morning, the sun was out and the skies were clear.  Hmmmmm.. I know I should’ve switched to Fox 5 news from Sesame Street even if only to catch the weather report.  But I wanted to give Ernie and Big Bird the chance to delight my little boy with their “Journey to Ernie”.  I didn’t even make it to “Elmo’s World”.

I guess I will just have to brave it.  Had I known it was going to rain, I wouldn’t have worn a skirt.  Then again, I am wearing my boots.. so maybe that will work out after all.

I love rainy and cloudy days like this for as long as I’m indoors.  It makes me want to cozy up to Angelo.  Alan is too far away to do any of that.  =)  We’d watch the rain from the window sill and he will probably try to give me a coo or two.  I so enjoy watching him take an earnest look in his face, sometimes even furrowing his brows and then babbling as if he were trying to discuss some serious matter with me.  I simply say yes and try to make out like I can understand everything he is saying.

Nothing can compare to seeing him light up when he hears my voice or see me emerge from the stairwell.  On rainy days like this, we can just watch the rain come down.. warm in each other’s arms, and I fall in love with my little man all over again.

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