Starting on the wrong foot..

I walked to the bus stop praying the Rosary as I always do and walking with a heavy heart this morning.  Last night I realized I had lost my cellphone as I was looking for it to plug it to my charger.  I tried to jog my brain about when I last used it, and all I could remember was calling home to give my stepson the number to order pizza from just as I was entering the tunnel while on the subway.  I don’t recall taking it out when I got out of the subway to walk to the bus stop.  *sigh*

I feel like I lost my right leg.  Well, not that bad really.. maybe like getting a bad short haircut after keeping your hair long for ages.  (Fortunately, I have not been a victim in that sense!)  My hands are tied because I cannot as yet dicontinue service because I specifically told the French Consulate to contact me through that phone number.  I have been trying to call the phone but it was running out of battery juice yesterday — it might have even turned itself off by now.

The 14 year old has also been a challenge.  But that is not a new issue.

The office is crazier than usual and will probably get more chaotic as the day goes.  I have not had the chance to catch Angel’s dinner feedings for two weeks now and it’s beginning to get to me.  Then again, it goes with the job.  What can I do?  My mom has started asking me why I have been coming home so late.. I wish I didn’t have to but I have to go to work.  A job is a job..

Every day I devote a mystery of the Rosary to ask for help with work.. help with the boss.  Does that reflect how crazy work has been making me?  Perhaps.. if it merits mention in my daily prayers, it can only be one of two things: it means a lot to me (like the people I pray for and the thanks I send up above for the blessings I have), or it is driving me nuts and I need divine intervention to make it through.

With approximately 9 hours left of my day before I turn in at 9PM tonight, I think there is hope.  For me, there IS always hope.  That’s the Pinay in me who always believes in the concept of tomorrow being a better day.  If not tomorrow, there’s always the next day.=]