Pre-Dinner Thoughts on a Saturday Night

The tilapia is frying in my turbopan and mom is watching over Angel in the living room. I just walked 5 blocks and back to get my short wool coat and a pair of pants I needed for next week. I must say it has been a productive day. I had stayed indoors for the most part except for my morning errands. (Foremost of which was getting the coat and the pants to the cleaners for same day service.)

It’s literally freezing outside. The last time the TV was on the weather channel, it pegged the outside temperature at 16degrees. I just checked Yahoo News and they say it’s actually above 20 but it feels 20 outside.  I just know the wind hurts when it hits my face and I couldn’t stand going around without my gloves.

I have three pairs of pants to take care of tonight, and I promised myself I would hem their pants before the weekend was over.  I am definitely taking at least 2 of them to Paris, and I won’t spend the night before I leave sewing them.  Who knows?  I might even get the chance to crochet a rose brooch.

It’s quiet with Angel asleep but we’ve been having fun together all afternoon.  I hardly got any reading done but I don’t mind.  He looks at me impishly and then blinks his eyes to catch my attention.  When I ask for a kiss, he puts his open mouth next to my cheek giving me a wet, sloppy one which thrills me no end.

My tilapia is about done and it’s time for me to work on preparing dinner.  Mom’s done enough for the week — I try to do as much as I can when I am around.  Besides, I’m hungry.. still have to slice the tomatoes and the salted egg.  Yummy!