THE GATES at Central Park

Written on the bus to Manhattan to view THE GATES at Central Park

It’s a sunny but very cold Sunday afternoon.  Alan would’ve loved to take Angel out on a nice day like this — perhaps even to Central Park to view THE GATES, but hs is still in Paris.  At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to go because I had a throbbing headache.  Fortunately, taking 2 Advil tablets took care of it and my headache was gone by the time I nursed Angel to sleep (his afternoon nap), took a shower and got dressed after lunch.  I just had to wait for Mommy to wake up from her nap.  I thought it inconsiderate to rouse her since she hardly gets to take a nap when I am at work.  I crossed my fingers she would be up in time for me to catch the sunset.

Angel woke up first and was just so adorable, smiling and playing with me, dancing on command and just trying so hard to get mom’s attention.  My mom got up at 20 after 3PM and I grabbed my camera, purse, IDs and unlimited express metro card.  I walked briskly to the stop and was on the bus on the dot.  The sunis beginning to descent.  I intend to view the gates from 5th Avenue and 60th, and I’m hoping I can get a better view of the west side when I go pick up my visa from the French Consulate on East 74th on Tuesday.  I’m hoping they will extend the duration of the exhibit, but I’m not counting on it.

I so wanted to bring Mom and Angel but this is just too cold for Mommy to bear.  I’m afraid it would be too much for Angel as well so I just left them at home.

So many people have ooohed and aaaed after a week’s unfurling, I just had to make my way there.  With the thousand and one things happening in the big apple, the forever tourist that I am beckons me to be involved.

It’s not enough we read about them — as the artists Christo and Jean-Claude said, Art is there to be experienced.  I do not pretend to be a person of high culture — I’m just living being a Pinay New Yorker — life is too short to let moments like this go.

Written on the bus on the way home to Bayside

The bus just crossed the 59th Street Bridge, and once again, Manhattan chides me for not taking a photo of its awe-inspiring skyline.  Unfortunately, I am always on the bus, and if Alan’s driving me, I have nowhere to stop.

I spent almost an hour taking photographs of THE GATES in Central Park.  I would’ve stayed longer but the sunlight was fading fast.  I saw but a portion of the park exhibition, but even with that tiny glimpse, I felt the overwhelming impact of the project.  Truly, to me, the exhibition was impactful.  While it was simple, the enormity of it all hits you once you see row upon row of the saffron-colored curtains hanging from their posts.  Personally, I found the fluid motion of the swirling cloth entracing as I walked underneath one after the other.

Parts of Central Park seemed to be “dotted”, while others were visible in a row.  The isolated groups were “cute”, but the rows were imposing. 

I’m glad I went and took a glimpse of this New York spectacle.  It was an experience I wish I could’ve shared with Alan.  It would’ve beeen nice to have had our picture taken with the gates in the background.