Back after the Long Weekend

Long weekends are always difficult to come back from because either there’s a ton of work waiting to be taken cared of, or the “back to work” grind has the boss (or the boss of the boss) in a bad mood.

Whatever the reason is, the boss seems to have forgotten her unending appreciation and praise for me after I had stayed til 10PM one night, and then returned to work promptly the next day to finish the task at hand. I had hoped to get my visa from the French Consulate today, but find that I cannot even step out for lunch. (She has a noon meeting and she prefers to have me get her lunch after that meeting).

It complicates my day tomorrow a tad bit, but I will go and get that for sure. I hate the thought of leaving the house earlier than I had planned but then again, it might all be for the better since it means not giving Angel time to bawl out as I walk out the door like he did this morning. My baby has gotten very clingy and seems to want to be with me at every turn. When I’m home, he wants me to be the one to feed him, dress him up and pick him up when he calls. Mom says he isn’t this fussy when I’m not around. He would cry with those big tears streaming down his cheeks, shrieking until I go to him and pick him up. And the minute I do, he stops and starts smiling like a flick of a switch.

I’m already having second thoughts baout going to Paris but at this point, visa granted, ticket purchased, Alan’s trip extended, I cannot postpone the trip for another time or day. Meanwhile, I’m loading up on pictures of Angel to take with me as I spend the weekend in the City of Lights with Alan. I’ll be back before Angel knows I’ve been gone that long.

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