My New Phone

Back in the days when cellphones became the craze in Manila and everyone from the CEO who lugged his Startek to the messengers who were doing prepaid phones started to discover texting and the beeper died, I was never really one to pick up a cellphone just to have a cellphone. I eventually got a line in ’99 thanks to a friend who was trying to sell them. When I got here to New York, I only needed one so Alan could get in touch with me and we started off on a prepaid line. After 9/11, though, Alan decided to get me a line because he didn’t want to have me go through all the prompts just to make a call.

I switched to a GSM phone just before I left for my first (and so far only) homecoming in 2002, and I picked up a NOKIA 8930 which lit up when the phone rang, but unfortunately, was only dual band, so it didn’t work in Manila. * SIGH * I liked the phone because it was small and it was not common. Then I lost it last week. =( I kept hoping I’d find the phone or someone would return it, but with the Paris trip looming in the horizon, I decided I’d get a replacement phone.

I have long been toying with the idea of changing cellphone but I never could quite find a phone which was to my liking. This time around, it was a matter of necessity, and as much as I was a NOKIA fan, I opted this time to go with a Sony Ericsson Z550, complete with video camera. Alan kept telling me I didn’t need another digital camera since I already had a fancy one (a FUJI S3000 which I just love!) — then again, if I was changing phones, I thought the best thing would be to have one with a digital cam — to take more pictures of my Angel with!

So as much as I detested flip phones, I am now carrying one. Complete with color screen, polyphonic ringtone download capable and with a 64MG SIM Card, I’m all set. I’m actually pretty happy with my new toy. I already have a couple of pictures of Angel in it. I’m still trying to get the hang of it but it’s very user friendly. I have a picture of Angel in the start up screen and as the wallpaper when in use. I have a clip of Angel to watch over and over again in my tiny screen.

But most important of all, if I wanted to speak with my baby, I have my phone with me.

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