The Pinay New Yorker in Paris

All I can say is it was quite an experience — and short as it may have been (just 3 1/2 days actually), I feel like I did so much and had stayed there that long.  Ihadn’t even gotten off the flight home and I was already asking Alan when we were going back.  He said we will and we will visit other places next time, perhaps take a trip to Lyon or the South of France.

When Alan and I were planning our life together, he told me about all the things he wanted to be able to do — and I think we can chalk this up as one dream fulfilled.  Although I didn’t join him until his third trip to Paris, I know and feel it was different for him because this time, we were together.

I have thrown myself back to the grind of work here and I have had to take care of a thousand and one other errands that needed my attention.  But between calls, e-mails answered and tasks being accomplished, I kept going back to the air, the sounds and most specially the sights of the past couple of days spent in a totally other world.  Yes, we will be back.. sometime soon hopefully.

Taken at the Louvre on my first day in Paris