Mocha please

It’s another chaotic day at work but I keep thinking of Mocha.  It has always been my favorite flavor.  Mocha Ice Cream please — mocha icing, mocha cake.. mocha, mocha, mocha!  I liked it so much I learned how to make mocha icing and I discovered it was butter and coffee mixed together.  I never learned to bake the cake but I have every intention of learning to do that, flavoring your store bought chiffon mix with coffee and butter or whatever.

I prefer that combination to the coffee and chocolate mix which sometimes produces the same flavor.  Not quite the same, I have to argue. 

Thinking Mocha makes me think of mocha cake from Goldilock’s.. mocha ice cream from Nestle Magnolia or Selecta.. mocha shake.. yummy!  Brings me back home again..

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