Still in Paris Mode

It was a week ago that I boarded the flight that took me to Paris.  I often find myself going back to the three and a half days I was there.  I am still busy scribbling my thoughts and impressions down to translate into a webpage on my site to document all that I did and that happened while I was there.

Three and a half days spun chapter after chapter of memories that are forever etched in my mind and heart.  I keep telling myself to be there with Alan was my destiny.  Sometimes I can’t help but ask where I would be if I weren’t with him right now.  I know I wouldn’t have an Angelo — even if I had a baby it wouldn’t be the same bundle of joy that we put together.  I wouldn’t be here in the United States and I would have charted my life differently.  But I go no further than those suppositions — I am happy where I am. 

Alan and I had so much fun together, walking the streets of Paris hand in hand, kidding around and bickering about the little things we usually end up laughing about.  We had our share of petty arguments which ended the usual way — forgotten and just made fun of.  Everything was in the spirit of fun.

I had gone there thinking of ways to save and to just enjoy the sights, but Alan reminded me I was on vacation and deserved to try the various flavors and experiences that being in Paris had to offer.  I successfully resisted the urge to shop but came home with a few good buys.  I roamed and toured Paris for the postcards I love and managed to find 4 different maps to add to my collection of Maps of France.  I had crepes, tried their eclairs and discovered the magic of macaroons from Laduree!  (Pure heaven!  More on this when I finally get down to writing about our culinary discoveries while there..)

I fell in love with the City of Lights, indeed.. Whenever it is that Alan and I return, I know I will take as much if not more pictures, and I know now what I will be on the lookout to buy.  And as special as these memories are, they cannot compare to the feeling of being in love that I felt and continue to feel with my better half, Alan.


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