Ending another day

I like Thursdays because it means we’re just a day away from the weekend.  Alan and I always count the days and nights to when we can spend the whole day with Angel. 

I’m ending another day here at work tired and raring to get going on the way home to my baby.  Alan agreed to have something simple tonight for dinner.  Sometimes he can get very picky, other nights he’ll eat just about anything else.

My brain wasn’t in work mode all day.  I seem to have been floating from place to place.  I rode the elevator to go down to the ground level and twice pushed the 2nd floor.  I eventually got to where I wanted to go — but it showed me just how out of synch I was.  Tomorrow will come soon enough. 

I had a lengthy chat with my bestfriend today.  She was feeling really low.  I wish it was as simple as before when we’d call each other at the end of the day and we’d agree on where we would meet up to just sit down, chat, and let the rush hour pass.  We would people watch, laugh our hearts out, making “lait” the crowds passing before us.

I told her to just let it go.  There are things which are sometimes just beyond our control.  Oftentimes, we wish we could do more.  She said she wanted to be able to do the things she wanted to do — but there are responsibilities we must fulfill.  Amen to that. 

Like her, I derive much comfort from these little chats.  Sometimes, even when no solutions are offered, the opportunity to bare one’s soul is enough to lighten the burden if not lift it.  This time around it was my turn to do the listening.  I knew I didn’t have to have any answers.  All I had to do was be there.