Pinay New Yorker in Paris: On Postcards


I just finished scanning the postcards I had purchased from Paris and as always, here I am wishing I had bought more.  Forget that I had tried to stick to a budget and confine my postcard purchases to my collecting interests.  Most of the postcards I bought actually showed the places Alan and I had visited.

The postcard of the Louvre on the upper left hand corner is most special to me because I had bought multiple copies of this and sent it to Angel and other friends.  It is a lovely picture of the pyramid entrance to the museum, a sight I admired from the distance as I came into the square between the sprawling grounds of the Louvre.  On the way here I bought most of my postcards, price ranging from .25Euro each to 13 pcs for 1Euro.  As always, they kept getting cheaper as I kept moving forward, and by then I had purchased a few Euros worth.

I kept away from the oversized postcards but had no choice but to get a few pieces from the Airport, trying to break down my 20Euros into smaller denominations.  In my quest for postcards, I managed to find 3 other map postcards of the METRO bringing my map postcards of France to 4.  (I had the original “I LOVE FRANCE” with a map in outline.)

Just going over these postcards brought me back to Paris again.  And when I go back, I know which ones I will look for next time around.

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