Celebrating Mom

Written on the bus on the way home 08 February 2005

I’m on the bus and it looks like it’s going to be a long ride.  (Note: It was.. almost three hours for what was usually an hour-long trip!)  The snow has stopped falling but it’s icy cold out there.  The buss is full and at least a dozen people are standing, but I was lucky enough to have taken the bus at the beginning of the route.

I stopped by at Macy’s to pick up some gifts for mom.  She turns 65 tomorrow, and I want to make this as sepcial a birthday as possible because I have missed spending her birthday with her the last 5 years.  Yes, it has been that long — but I had always made sure I sent her a birthday gift and I ordered cake from an online site ( MyAyala.com.ph )which delivered to the house.

I didn’t realize until recently how special such a routine was for her, because it had seemed to her that everyone else had stopped making the effort to remember her special day.  I’m sure my siblings (who all live with her) remember and make the effort to make it special.  Perhaps mine was just more pronounced because I was far away.

Besides, of all of us, I was the most expressive and I always took the time to greet her and make her feel special.

I got her 2 Clinique lipsticks which qualified me for eht free gift.  And since Angel and I had already given her a nice Etienne Aigner bag for Christmas, I picked up a green wallet “to bring good vibes and attract money” (or at least that’s what my sister says..).  Tomorrow, I intend to leave work early and surprise her with a grand meal to celebrate!  On the weekend, Alan will take us out to have a special luncheon to celebrate.

She has been saying no to a celebration, but how can I not celebrate an occasion I’ve been dying to spend with her all these years?

My mom is a special woman and she is now a special woman in my child’s life.  She has given so much of herself to take care of my son here in a place so far away from her home.  It is but fitting that we celebrate Mom.. not just today but always..


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