My New Toy

Going home last night was such a struggle not only on the road, but in walking the three blocks from the bus stop to my doorstep.  While the maintenance people had dutifully cleared the walkway, the low temperature made the just plowed snow very icy and slippery.  The strong winds didn’t help any either.  But I got home, and I had a late dinner of cheese sandwich.  Alan got home at just past midnight, freezing cold from waiting for a bus that wasn’t on schedule.

I was so bored last night on the bus that I downloaded a game (for $5.99) and now I’m hooked.  I have been mulling about changing my phone for over a year now but I was happy to have a very unique and tiny phone.. When fate snatched it away from me and I ended up without a phone before the trip to Paris, I was forced to go to Cingular (who had acquired my previous provider, AT&T) and would’ve opted to kept my old plan, but they wouldn’t give me a new phone without “migrating” to their side of the business.  Talk about twisting my arm..

There weren’t that many choices and the NOKIA units being offered were just far too simple for my taste.  I thought about what I wanted in my new phone:  It had to be on the GSM network.  I wanted something that had a good camera (which Alan couldn’t understand because I have a fantastic digital camera that takes great pictures!) and only because you can’t have too many pictures of Angelo.  It had to be affordable (so nothing over $100) and handy.

I got my SONY ERICSSON Z500a.  I’m happy.  While I am still unable to “transfer” or upload my pictures off the phone, I have taken quite a bunch of nice pictures with it.  I’m able to text my siblings back in Manila, and it has been pretty reliable (and actually more reliable than my NOKIA) in terms of call signal. 

There were no built in games, however, so I had to download it for a fee.  I chose COLLAPSE because they didn’t have TETRIS.  Not bad, it’s not that different, and it keeps me entertained.  (Much better than my Nokia 8390’s Snake II).  Been playing it less than 24 hours and I’m already scoring over 12,000!  Hooray!

That’s technology for you!

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