Mother to a 10-month-old

Angelo continues to amaze us all as he starts gyrating without any coaxing to any beat he hears.  The child is a natural dancer just like his dad and we can all see that this early, he has a good sense of rhythm in his bones.

He would playfully smile each time I emerge from the stairwell into our second floor co-op unit, and he would stretch out his arms when I signal him to come forward and dart on all fours to where I am to meet my embrace.  When I pull my face to his and while cheek to cheek say “aaaaaahhhhh”, he would do the same as if singing with me.

Last night I was cradling him on my lap after he let go of my breast after nursing him to sleep.  I watched him so peacefully in slumber, and feeling how his body curved to the cavity of my crossed legs when he used to be so tiny and small.  In ten months he seems to have grown into a full toddler, not just demonstrating a personality so unique but showing us so many things we are so amazed to see a baby of his age do.  At times I cannot believe he’s just 10 months old.. it feels so strange that this time last year, I was waddling through the streets of New York heavy with child, battling the many aches and pains of being pregnant.  And now here I am, helping to steady his gait as he pulls himself up to a standing position, showing us yes, he can do it!



Losing it to cyberspace..

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has written a whole missive if not a weblog entry who has lost the whole post if not a big chunk of it after hitting the “SEND” or “SUBMIT” button.  It just happened to me. =(  After hitting the “back” button and still being unable to retrieve what precious words I had written, I decided to relegate that particular blog entry into a draft.  After writing an emotional piece, I just don’t have the energy to try and reconstruct what it was I was trying to say.