A Pinay Francophile

Webster’s Dictionary online defines Francophile as “markedly friendly to France or French culture”.  (Main Entry: Fran·co·phile  Pronunciation: 'fra[ng]-k&-"fIl, -kO- / Variant(s): or Fran·co·phil  /-"fil/ Function: adjective; French culture – Francophile nounFran·co·phil·ia  /"fra[ng]-k&-'fi-lE-&, -ly&, -kO-/ noun .

After going Paris crazy and desperately trying to figure out when Alan and I can go back (I just asked him last night when his next trip to Paris will be), I think I have become a Pinay Francophile.  I have fallen in love with Paris that I have made a decision to try and study to learn how to speak French on my own.  This weekend, I’m doing some reading and will be working on finding a speaking partner here in Manhattan after a few weeks of working on the basics. My website chronicling my first time in Paris will be up soon.

Yes, I can’t wait to go back to the City of Lights.. hopefully soon..

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