Snowing again!

As I was getting dressed this morning, Alan warned me that there was a forecast of snow.  I had not yet seen outside the bedroom window because we had the blinds drawn, and I don’t have a view from the bathroom either.  Lo and behold when I walked into the living room, mom was having coffee, telling me it was snowing again.

I don’t believe this.. it’s still snowing and spring is supposed to be just around the corner.  So I left the house wrapped up, wearing my long winter coat and ready to brave the storm.  I had to use an umbrella walking to the bus stop.  The forecast for the weekend is not encouraging at all.

*SIGH*  Just can’t wait for spring.  Fred, our errand boy here in the office was giving me the bad news that we are having a blizzard outside the office.  I told her I don’t like cold at all — I come from a place where it’s always warm, sometimes too hot.  Days like this makes me miss the warmth of Manila..

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