I have been blabbing on and on about Paris and I find that it sometimes confuses the whole point of my blog here on being a Pinay New Yorker in my local element.  So yesterday I started a new blog here:

The website is still under development, and I’m continuing with my decision to self study French.  I have asked Alan if perhaps we can spend our fifth anniversary this August in Paris.. he says we’ll see.. I do hope we do go..


Miraculously, a post on a Saturday

Eversince I began my blog a few months back, rarely will you find a post done on a weekend.  That is because I have most of my time and effort revolving around Angel.  Tonight I’m luck that he is with his dad and half-brother, watching TV and being playful.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here in front of my laptop on the breakfast counter here in my tiny kitchen.

We had a simple dinner tonight.  I managed to stir fry some italian sausage with garlic and roasted red peppers and heat up some chicken nuggets.  I am still full from the buffet dinner at Minado with Mom and Alan’s Mom to celebrate my Mom’s birthday.

It’s Mommy time.. night night..