Ending a busy day

Sometimes you find yourself floating through a day and suddenly everything comes crashing down and you’re hit with the reality that the day has ended and a hundred and one things need to be done this minute.  I’m just grateful it’s 5:28 PM on my computer screen and that means I’m minutes away to scooting out of here.

I’m part of an e-group on Yahoo composed of my batchmates from St. Paul College of Quezon City High School Batch 1983.  It’s been around a while and someone suddenly announced she was going to be in New York visiting relatives and friends.  Of course we’re seeing each other and we’re putting a little party together.  Brunch on April 3rd, I suggested.  (No way I would offer the 2nd which is the fateful day I turn 39!)  So now we find out that another longtime friend of mine, someone I had been buddies with for a time in highschool is also going to be here the same weekend.  So we’re looking forward to talking about the good old days and catching up.  It’s not going to be a big party but it will be fun, I know.  Despite initial misgivings about joining the group full force, common bonds like a shared childhood (I literally grew up with these girls!) have pulled us together.

So with that gathering set, I’m counting the days when we can sit down and make chikka to death.  (That’s the colegiala in me talking..)


0 thoughts on “Ending a busy day

  1. tina

    i can understand how the days can still feel lost throughts a strang moment… even if im long life can be crazy and out of controle but life would be boring if i wasnt but age is really nothing your heart well always be young and thats what well make u strong at everything you do and say.. or think …


  2. Mary Montano-North

    I am emailing you because you mentioned that you are a graduate of class 1983 at St. Paul College QC. I am too. I am trying to get in touch hopefully with my classmates. I lost my yearbook, so if you still have yours, check out Mary Rose V. Montano. Let me know if we know each other.


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