My Bargain Finds.. reaping praise for a precious buy

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Why the cross posting?  Topics relevant to the two blogs I actively maintain, I believe, should appear on both to give random readers of either blog the benefit of reading the post on either one.  Also, that’s my prerogative as a blogger.

I’ve been seeing people in the office wear thin blouses (not sweaters) to work and I thought since we’ve been having days in the 40s, it wouldn’t hurt to wear one of my thinner silk sweaters with a deep neck.  My neck hasn’t seen the light of day for ages, and I thought today was as good a day as any.  For some reason, it’s been chilly at work, and to help conquer the cold so to speak, I whipped out my scarf (yes, one of the 3 I bought for 3 for Euro 5.00 in Paris) and put it on my shoulder.  Everyone from the boss to the other assistants around me have been commenting on how lovely it is.  One of my boss’s direct reports (a well-travelled Vice President, no less) even asked me if I had it bought it from some other place.  Merci, Paris!

My almost Euro 2.00 scarf (or roughly $3.00 buy) has more than paid for itself with all the compliments I’ve been getting.  It makes me feel great about the choice to purchase it.  I only wish I had bought more.  (Buyer’s remorse in reverse?)  Next time, I tell myself, I know where to get them on the Rue St. Honore (I saw stalls nearer the Louvre selling similar scarves for 5 for Euro 20.00. 

It always pay to have an eye out for the bargains.  And one thing I’ve learned from shopping around the streets of Manhattan with its hundreds of itinerant vendors is that when you see a good find, it pays to haggle it to as low as you can get and grab it! 

The Inspiration of Friday

What is it about Fridays that inspires me to write on and on as if I am doing a day long monologue?

No, it’s not for lack of work to do.  My boss gives me enough work to fill a week’s worth at any given time.  It’s just that I find such a release in putting my words up on my blog.  Sometimes when I go through my day, walking the streets from subway to bus stop or just sitting on the bus or the subway, I think of something to write about and it is not often that I have the luxury of putting pen and paper together to “save” the thought.

Perhaps it’s the release from a week of toil… I wonder..

Fridays hold the promise of leisure during the weekend.  More time to spend with Angel.. not having to say goodbye to him in the morning.. being able to stay up late.. having the luxury of preparing a real breakfast.. Even if I do not get to accomplish as much as I would want to because Angel hogs my time, knowing I spent another weekend with him makes it a weekend well spent.


I have changed my header image and my blog skin to give it an updated look.  Somehow, I always find ways and means to add some variety to even something as routine as my Weblog.  I figure, it deserves a fresh face every now and then.  So I created a header from one of the random photos I had taken while in the car holding my trusty digital camera.  I have come up with some nice photographs which I keep wanting to eventually put up as a poster or part of a photo montage on a wall.  Perhaps when I finally get down to fixing my area of the attic, I can then put a semblance of order to these works I’ve had tucked in my hard drive all this time and display them.

The image of the Queens Blvd road sign is actually unaltered.  What appears to be graphic effects were actually caused by the fact that the picture was taken without a flash and I was in a moving vehicle.  Just random.  I just keep clicking away when I’m in the car and I look at the lines of light that embed themselves on my camera screen as I click and I move from one second to the next.  Some are gems and some are just blah, but I figure I’ll find some use for them later, even if only in my own private album.

I try to take a few shots of Angel on my camera phone everyday and I change the wall paper as I go along.  I’d take more pictures but I have yet to get the special USB cord to connect my phone to my computer so I can download the images I have already taken.  The Sony Ericsson Z500a I have actually has quite a memory capacity but still, I don’t want to overload the phone without being sure I can unload the pictures. which should be where my photos land if sent via MMS is not being cooperative so I have yet to see any of the pictures I upload electronically in my albums there, so I’m not counting on that as means of archiving my pictures.  (Techy, techy!)

Variety they say is the spice of life.  So I have a ton of lipsticks I play around with depending on my mood, what I am wearing, and of course, what’s in my handbag.  Few are the days when I discover to my horror that I left the house with nary a tube in my pocketbook — and those are days when I feel like I left the house without my wallet.  Sometimes, just changing your lipstick shade and doing something out of the ordinary can perk things up a lot.  I know this works for me, just as much as changing my wallpaper or the blog header.. it’s part of going the flow and continuing to grow.. (I like the way that rhymes..)