The Inspiration of Friday

What is it about Fridays that inspires me to write on and on as if I am doing a day long monologue?

No, it’s not for lack of work to do.  My boss gives me enough work to fill a week’s worth at any given time.  It’s just that I find such a release in putting my words up on my blog.  Sometimes when I go through my day, walking the streets from subway to bus stop or just sitting on the bus or the subway, I think of something to write about and it is not often that I have the luxury of putting pen and paper together to “save” the thought.

Perhaps it’s the release from a week of toil… I wonder..

Fridays hold the promise of leisure during the weekend.  More time to spend with Angel.. not having to say goodbye to him in the morning.. being able to stay up late.. having the luxury of preparing a real breakfast.. Even if I do not get to accomplish as much as I would want to because Angel hogs my time, knowing I spent another weekend with him makes it a weekend well spent.

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