Forever Young Love

Alan and I have a running joke about “young love, sweet love” — something which we know our relationship can be described as as well.  Tonight we vacillated between going to a cocktail party or just having a quiet dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, and in the end the quite dinner won easily.  There wasn’t much to debate about.  We both wanted to spend some quiet time together and then rush home to spend a little time with Angel.

We ended up at Charbon L.E.S. over at 168-170 Orchard Street downton.  (212.420.7520 for reservations).  This must’ve been our 3rd or 4th time there since we “discovered” the place not too long ago.  The place is cozy and is reminiscent of the bistros in Paris, the food is decent and reasonably priced — not cheap, not pricey.  The wine selection is decent, and chances are, you will be attended to by a French sounding waiter or waitress.  (Of course we will never know if they are only putting on the accent for effect, but they sounded authentic.)  Even the mood music is French, the lighting muted, and if you don’t look out the window, you can almost make believe you are in France.

Alan and I have been married for almost 5 years now.  Angelo is 10 months old.  Yet despite the length of time we have been husband and wife, we still try to go out on dates which can be a stroll in the park with some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream to share, or a movie date perhaps, or like tonight, a quiet dinner exploring New York’s culinary spots.

We have our petty quarrels and disagreements like all normal couples, but we sleep with things resolved between us.  I feel closer to him than ever before, and we continue to be a strong team together.

It wouldn’t be unusual to see us holding hands across the table or while we watch a movie, or strolling through the mall holding hands like we always do.  When he drives he insists I put a hand on his lap so he can hold it easily while driving, and as we have always been doing, we talk to each other in the course of the day just to keep our 24/7 conversation going.

Forever young in our hearts we work at keeping the fire burning, vowing to do things together through to our golden years. 

Time for me to get going.. he’s waiting in the bedroom, watching over Angelo.