A family Saturday

Alan and I are watching “TIMELINE” on DVD tonight although we had caught it’s initial release in the theatres.  This book of Crichton’s was one of the first I read when I arrived here, having borrowed it from the New York Public Library.  Although there were some deviations from Crichton’s book, the movie was entertaining, but the book was much better.

Angel is on the floor snoring away fast asleep.  We had spent the afternoon with his two grandmothers and his half-brother, Mikey.  My boy has really grown up.  He now knows how to charm everyone.  He practically had his Lola Celia wrapped aorund his little finger.. of course he has Lola Aida under his spell, so much so that despite the fact that she’d rather be in Manila than here, she is already planning her return and what she will bring her Angel when she comes back after a two month respite in Manila.

I love watching Angel as he sleeps.. I love putting my nose next to his mouth and taking in his every breath.  Such innocence and purity.. Alan is right — don’t we wish he stays the way he is?  He is continually babbling and now demonstrates a lot of communicative skills.. He can now make faces to show his moods.. he keeps trying to talk — sometimes seriously, sometimes he tries to sing.  I cannot wait until he can actually tell me what he’s thinking in his little head.

He is beginning to look more and more like his Dad.  Sometimes I hold him in my arms and I watch him sleeping peacefully.. and I feel as if I am holding a part of Alan there, and I see this life breathing in testament to our lvoe for each other.

I live for Saturday’s like this when father and son are right here with me.