Remembering Fr. Peyton's Mysteries of the Rosary

One staple of Filipino Holy Week is Fr. Peyton’s Mysteries of the Holy Rosary which showcases the various mysteries through the Holy Weekend which are punctuated with the actual recitation of the Holy Rosary.

As things quiet down on Maundy Thursday, life actually grinds to a halt at 3PM the next day.  Even the 24-hour 7-Eleven stores close for an hour or two in commemmoration of the Passion of Christ, and then it swings back into business as usual.  The malls are closed, the streets empty.  At home, we used to be told to wake up before 3PM as Christ was already suffering through the travails of the crucifixion.  Then we would all stop everything at 3PM.

I got used to that exercise even during the summers we spent in Baguio City.  When my siblings and I were young, my mom and dad would rent an apartment or a house in Baguio for as long as a month, and they would let us stay there with good old Auntie Lydia.  They would come during the week and leave again before the weekend to tend to the business.  We enjoyed those summers immensely.  It also found us celebrating the Holy Week and several birthdays there.

I still remember Baguio.. let me save those memories for a different post.  For now I go back to the days of the Pabasa of Mommy.. how we would create an altar at home and put our Birhen Dolorosa there (which we regularly lend to the barangay outside the Lenten Season).  And how it would all end when Christ died on Good Friday.

Praying the rosary is not just a lenten ritual for me.  I do it every day I walk out of the house. 5 decades every day — lifting my prayers up above.  But this Holy Week, I feel the solemnity in a different sense, as if I were back home.

Holy Week

Holy Week has always been traditionally a very solemn occasion in Manila.  The highways are deserted and all the stores are closed.  GMA (President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) did the workforce a favor by declaring a 4-week National Non-working holiday to help people commemmorate Christ’s passion as they would please.

Here in New York, you can hardly feel it.  I am planning to take the afternoon of Friday off only because I booked a Doctor’s appointment for 12:30NN.  (We also need to check out back up childcare arrangements from a company sponsored provider in Manhattan).  Otherwise, life goes on.  I feel the solemnity of it only because I am constantly connected to what is happening in Manila through the online versions of Philippine Star and Philippine Daily Inquirer

It is a time for reflection and sacrifice.  We just do it in a more subtle and private way.  I think about the hot summer in Manila today on a wet Wednesday here in New York.. and I pray.

A Knitting Conversation

On March 21, I wrote a comment on THE BOY WHO KNITS   blog:

You are so inspiring! I have been just in awe and am green with envy because my knitting is so lame.. I even wrote a post about you in my weblog.. good luck and I’ll be back often!green with envy because my knitting is so lame.. I even wrote a post about you in my weblog.. good luck and I’ll be back often!

Lo and behold, on March 23, he responded:

Wow, thanks for writing, I didn’t even know people read this.

I was just keeping it as a journal.

If you ever want to start knitting, write me…. that’s if I’m still knitting.


I wish I could start knitting again.  I have even misplaced the basic knitting instructions I had put aside for me to re-learn the basics of knitting.  I am even thinking of unravelling some old projects and using them to do some new knitting projects.  If I manage to make some nice ones, I am seriously considering giving away scarves as Christmas gifts in 2005.

I’m sure I’m going to write Kenny, the boy who knits.. soon.