Sending Mommy Home

I’ve been playing phone tag with one travel agency, trying to book Mom on a flight back home.  At the last minute, I decide to check another travel agent and found a rate $84 cheaper.  Same deal, same airline — so I let the other go.  (Michelle, the kind young lady who had held on to my reservation forever was kind enough not to blast me away when I told her I had to let the booking go.)  Even just booking Mom makes me feel sad.  I miss her already.  I’m worried about how I’ll manage taking care of Angel between the time she leaves and my brother arrives — IF my brother is given a US Visa for the summer break at that.

I also worry how she will react facing the problems back home again.  Having her here with me has insulated her from the problems besetting the family back home.  Perhaps it’s her chance to say goodbye to our home and settle things squarely.  She has promised to return — because she loves her grandson dearly and cannot bear the thought of seeing him in day care.  I wasn’t exagerrating when I told her that in day care, they will not pay special attention to him and will just let him cry himself to sleep if he bawls out. 

All I can do is hope for the best and pray Nikky comes as soon as he can, and that Mom returns as promised 2 months after leaving.  We will see.. as Fe would say, bahala na si Batman.

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