Knitting again… correctly this time

I don’t know if I had menitoned previously how I learned knitting by using a pair of plastic chopsticks and reading a step by step how-to in a ca. 70s encyclopedia.  All these years, I never quite got back to an earnest study of knitting so I never got to figure out why one row always came out a different size compared to the next.

Inspired by THE BOY WHO KNITS, I downloaded how-to instructions and finally zeroed in on the reason why the stitched were not coming out correct.  I was so thrilled to see 10 rows of 15 stitches all even and I couldn’t believe I actually made that happen..

This evening I went to the attci and got my fancy yarns.. a limited supply of yarns I purchased on clearance.  I can’t wait to finish my first scraft.. (Promise to post it here!)  Now if only I can learn to read patterns then I can do some fancy work soon like Kenny’s great projects you can view on  his site.

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