Rainy Monday

For a wet day, I surprisingly got into the office approximately the same time I would get in without the hassle of a wet commute.  I somehow feel like I’m moving about less an arm because I left my pressed powder at home.  (Talk about vanity..)  Otherwise, I think I will live.

Angel was running after me when I was about to go, and I went and gave him a hug assuring him I would be back at the end of the day.  Thanks to “Elmo’s World”, he let me go.  Rather than opt to sneak out, I am trying to teach him the concept of saying goodbye.  Mom has been good at teaching him to wave goodbye, and having Lola there to take care of him while I slowly exit helps a lot.

How I wish I had the luxury of cutting the day short and going home.  Not today, I guess.  I am already neck deep in work but decided to post here.  My way of being with my baby again.  It was a good weekend, I think.  He and I are at a constant tug of war on being carried and not being carried.  I still can’t believe he’s just 10 months old.

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