Knitting Project: Multi-colored scarf

I went up to the attic last Sunday and foraged through my craft boxes for the fancy yarns I had accumulated through the years.  I have quite a few vari-colored balls of yarn that I bought in limited quantities not knowing what exactly they would be for. 

I picked up an unfinished cap and unthreaded it and decided this would be my first scarf.  I had to start and redo the beginning as I tried to decide how wide I wanted the scarf to be.  It’s a 4-ply spool and I’m using the bigger knitting needles to make the stitches more relaxed. The spool is of darker hues so I’m not too sure how “even” or “uneven” the stitches are turning out to be.  For now, I’m doing basic knitting stitches and have decided that I will decorate and spruce up the scarf with trimmings instead of fancy stitches.  (I am not THAT ambitious!)  And since I only have 2 spools of this fancy yarn, if and when I decide to do a matching cap, I’ll just pick one of the shades present and do a single color piece.

I’m knitting 30 stitches across and have decided to stop there and just keep knitting.  I haven’t touched my now 6 inch long project since I started, but will hopefully do a few rows tonight.  (Keeping my fingers crossed).  I’m still searching for the projects I will “unthread” — or should I say, “unravel”?

Knit, knit, knit away!

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