Did anybody say Clapotis Craving?

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I came across the term “clapotis” in a knitter’s weblog, and just googling the word gave me a hundred and one web posts and websites dedicated to this very delicate yet versatile scarf/shawl that is reportedly a French phenomenon.

Hmmm… so as soon as I finish my initial knitting project, I will embark on an ambitious project to work on one.  I read in knitty.com that this is something French inspired.  Hmmmm again.. I am so excited I am thinking of doing this in tandem with my initial project which is crawling at a snail’s pace.  *sigh*

I will finish that one first and then do this!

Kntting Project: I tried..

I managed to put Angel to sleep just before 11PM, and by the time I had prepared coffee for the automatic coffeemaker for the next morning, washed Angel’s feeding bottles and put away stuff left in the kitchen (just so my Mom won’t descend on it the next morning and trouble herself with taking care of everything), it was almost midnight.

Still, I decided I would try and stitch a few rows.. I think I managed 3.. LOL.. 3 a day won’t be so bad.  I have a lot of yarn waiting to be made into something wearable.. I have to keep going…