A day before hitting the big 39

I actually received a birthday greeting from a girlfriend from high school now based in Australia greeting me a happy 40th.. I wanted to bop her in the head.. she should’ve remembered we were the same age, and she is turning 39 this June.  So perhaps in terms of “state of mind” she has grown older — and more forgetful — of such matters.  I forgive her.

So here I am buried in files at work — trying to find a sheaf of papers my boss thinks she gave me, but which I have no recollection of whatsoever.  So between my selective amnesia and her propensity to misplace her papers, there’s a million and one places where that file could be.  And she wants to take it home.  (Yes, it’s 4PM, leaving me 2 hours to burrow through my heaps here and find it!)

Meanwhile, I’m wondering how I can sneak out to take my mom out to the doctor tomorrow for an 11:30 appointment.  (Maybe clone myself and have my “copy” stand in here at work.

I haven’t really made plans about celebrating my 39th birthday except that I know I will take home a quart of Cold Stone Creamery’s ice cream.  I’m supposed to be entitled to 5 mix-ins.. let me see.. let’s have banana, white chocolate chips or the crunch bar, yellow cake, maybe graham crackers (let me think about that..), and marshmallows.. (I can only have 5..)  I haven’t even thought of a cake.. maybe I’ll pick up one from the neighborhood bakery which I’ve come to discover serves some fantastic goodies.

I’m thinking if I will treat the family out to a birthday feast (besides the actual treat Alan is giving on Mikey’s and my behalf closer to Mikey’s birthday..)  All I know is this is a truly special birthday because Mommy is with me, and Angel is not here, and Alan and I have been together for 5 years..  It’s blessings like that that make turning 39 truly worth celebrating.



A mom's dilemma

I had already booked my mom for a flight back to Manila on April 20.  Yesterday, she walked up to me and told me she was hoping to have the flight moved up to Monday, April 4 (!) because she had started to feel weak and was afraid she wasn’t going to make it to April 20.

My whole evening was thrown out of whack because April 20 was already a nightmare as far as trying to make arrangements for taking care of Angel — having her out of here much, much earlier was going to be double the problem.

Fortunately, her trip cannot be moved just that easily.  (In fact I called the agency this morning and I needed them to call back to give me availabilities.)  The change fee, thank God, was going to be a measly $75 and not the $200+ I anticipated. 

I am very worried about Mom’s health.  I don’t want her thinking I’m “keeping her hostage” here.  I also believe she needs medical attention, but I am just asking for a few more days.  Tomorrow is April 1 already, and that means 19 days to go.  I even figured she was asking for the 4th just because it’s past my birthday this weekend.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she will find solace in the Doctor’s reassurance that she is going to be better soon.  I hope her aches and pains go away until it’s time for her to go. 

Meanwhile, I’m busy thinking about how we are going to make it through her earlier departure if and when we get an earlier booking.  (Alan is insisting we not move her departure since we are seeing a doctor anyway.)  So tomorrow we will see good old Dr. Andrew Kim, a kindly general practitioner down in Flushing.

I hope Mom feels good enough to stay.. at least another 20 days.