What was I thinking? Today is my one day before turning 39!

Could it be age getting the better of me?  Here I was talking about turning another year older in a day and today is actually the day BEFORE I turn a year older.. hmmm.. tumatanda na nga ako.

It’s Friday and it’s muggy and I was supposed to sneak out to get Mom to the doctor.  Instead she’s agreed to postpone the doctor’s appointment to Monday because she says she’s feeling better.  That has somehow also eased her need to leave sooner than planned, so for now, I’m not touching her flight booking for home on April 20.

I still haven’t quite made up my mind where we’re having our mini-celebration tomorrow.  Hmmm.. maybe we can eat at the Brazilian churuscuria in Queens — Green Leaf.. Maybe we’ll go to Dae Dong and have some Korean Barbecue.. Or maybe Legal Seafood ? Or maybe have lunch at Harvest Buffet.. All I know is I want my Quart of Cold Stone Creamery..!  LOL

It’s a tad bit chilly so I regret not having worn a sweater.  Thanks to my trusty space heater, though, I’m going to survive the day even if my fingers are getting cold.  Of course I can always drape my Parisien scarf/shawl on my shoulders if it gets unbearable.  And it’s going to be a short day.  The boss has a concert to go to in Fairfield, so she’s thinking of getting out of here shortly after 3PM.  (Keeping my fingers crossed that actually happens!)

Thank God it’s Friday!