Hitting 39

I had a good birthday breakfast which was kicked off by the opening of presents.  Alan and Angel gave me a nice leather jewelry box to house my bling in. (LOL)  About time I gave my modest jewelry collection an appropriate home.  In one of the compartment sits a jewelry box which has 2 tiny earrings given to me by my dear friend Demi, and Angel’s belly button stump.  (All dried up of course).

We had lunch at Legal Seafood at Roosevelt Field.  It was a simple afternoon with nothing much to do because of the bad weather.  We wouldn’t actually have gone out had it not been my birthday.  Mom wasn’t even up to going out had it not been my birthday.

What’s with birthdays that make us do things we normally wouldn’t?  I just know I am celebrating a special birthday this time around with my boys sleeping soundly as I write this post.

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