My Bistek Tagalog, New York Style

We had Bistek Tagalog tonight for dinner.  After much experimentation that went wrong the past 5 years I’ve been cooking, I have the recipe down pat.  It used to get too salty as my beef drowned in soy sauce.  I tried substituting the calamansi with lemon, but thanks to calamansi juice in sachets, I now have enough to make a pound of beef taste like it should.

I wasn’t exactly listening when they taught us the different parts of beef and pork back in High School at St. Paul College of Quezon City.  So I often find myself lost when I shop for beef cuts in the grocery and I’m following a Tagalog cookbook.  The only parts I have mastered by heart are “Beef Shank” for “kinste” and “Pork Belly” for “liempo”

For my bistek, I grab a pound of skirt steak (or the diaphragm) from my favorite grocery.  Cutting it up can get  a little tricky because of the “weave” of the beef fiber, but I use my handy kitchen shears to cut across the grain.  I use Tagalog soy sauce because we all know Kikoman has it’s own distinctive taste that just alters the flavor drastically. 

I have always enjoyed eating bistek with a ripe lakatan banana on the side.  Tonight, I had that kind of a meal. 

One thought on “My Bistek Tagalog, New York Style

  1. danny

    Here’s an easy one for you to cook bistek(beef steak).

    Buy beef, 7 bone or flank whichever is on sale. Cut them into thin slices including the fatty portions. Boil the beef until tender by adding more water if needed. When its tender, add garlic ,bay leaf and onion and toyomansi(bottled soy sauce mixed w/calamansi), available in Oriental stores. Simmer for 10 mins. add a lttle bit of cooking oil.
    Add pepper to taste if needed.

    Slice one whole onion and add to bistek before serving.

    Good Luck!


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