Blogging in my head

I would often catch myself thinking or blogging in my head as i walk to the bus stop, while riding in the car with Alan, holding Angel as he nurses, or just plain sitting around somewhere (like now that my bus is crawling its way to Queens Mall).

I’d think of a topic and a few sentence would race by as if I were typing away in front of my computer screen.  Sometimes between stitches while working on my scarf, a thought flits by and I wish I could catch the moment in words onscreen.  Even as I write this, a topic pops up in my head but I have to set that aside for later.

My 5-day Weekend

My 5-day weekend afforded me much-needed rest I have been wanting to indulge in for a long time now.  Angelo’s gastroentiritis and Alan’s head cold somehow put a dampener on things but I didn’t mind just staying with Father and son at home. 

I didn’t get to do much in terms of crafts or fixing up my corner of my room, but I did manage to tidy up a little.  The important thing was I managed to spend a lot of time with Angel and Mom. 

I’m counting the days until she leaves which is under 13 days now.  She actually leaves in less than 2 weeks.  So in the meantime, we’ve been shopping for pasalubong and I’m trying to put together a few things to send back to some friends.

I worry about taking care of Angelo, but I know Alan and I will manage.  The bigger problem would be is Nikky is not allowed to come here to take mom’s place. 

Having a child is such a life altering experience even for Alan who is having a go at it a second time.  He keeps telling me having a baby when you are ready to give all your time, effort and money to parenthood makes a big difference.

Two days to go and it’s the weekend again.. what can be better?

I can't believe it's almost noon

I had my mind set on doing some housekeeping here at work today, but I have been swamped with meetings to be scheduled that I have yet to wrap up.  I had written a couple of posts on the bus on the way to work this morning and I will try and retype them while having lunch in a few minutes. 

This is what I hate about going back to work after a long lull.. you just get swamped!