Farewell, Karol

I woke up this morning to find Mommy watching the live coverage of the Pope’s funeral and interment in Rome.  This is the Pope I have known for most of my adult life.  I walked to the Quezon Memorial Circle during hir first visit to the Philippines and caught him in the Eucharist Celebration of the Mass.  I feel as if a great part of my life has moved on — his death, while saddening, to me is just a rite of passage to the greater glory of being with the Father in Heaven.

I do not recall why but I somehow didn’t exert as much effort in making it to his rally at the Luneta for his second visit.

He was a great man and a great leader for his faithful.  It was but fitting that he be buried with the world’s leaders in attendance, paying tribute and homage to a man who stood tall above them all.  I will be praying for him and to him in thanks for the legacy he had left my church.

Totus Tuus, he said.  “Yours Always”.. Amen.

Aching all over

It’s a strange morning.  I came into the office feeling rather weak.  My sinews are all aching, presumably from the exercise of last Sunday when Alan and I went to the gym.  I feel as if I had been doing the stationary bike forever!  There’s a lump in my throat that’s giving me a problem — nowhere near my “kulane”, but then again, you’ll never know, right?

Angel is still having loose bowel movement but he’s bubby as ever.  I need to schedule to meet up with Anne and her daughter this afternoon.  I’m actually planning to leave early and meet up with her and head home.  That way, I don’t have to worry about being out too late.

I wonder what’s wrong with me.  I know I ought to grab some Dayquil to forestall any “attack” or break out.  Hope not.. don’t want to lose out to this bug on a lovely weekend.. hopefully a sunny one so we can go out.