Craft Report: Thinking Yarns While Waiting for the QM1A

The QM1A bus is the Fresh Meadows/Glen Oaks to 6th or 3rd Avenue Express bus from Queens to Manhattan

I grabbed the chance to go home early Friday because the boss was off and I wasn’t feeling too well.  I meant to meet up with an old ICQ Filipino Friends buddy who was visiting New York from San Francisco but the fact that I wasn’t feeling well plus Angel’s condition made me decide against going, specially after my friend Anne said we can just meet up the next time they are here in New York.

I ended up waiting for Alan for almost an hour — and while I was there waiting on the 56th Street bus stop of the QM1A Express bus, I kept thinking about yarns.. and the projects I could do and would want to do.  I was thinking perhaps crochetting was more my thing than knitting — more so with my clapotis. I am still resisting the urge to buy any more yarn because I feel I have more than enough to work with for the next couple of weeks.

Projects and more projects.. sometimes I wonder how I can even think of doing any more considering I barely have time balancing work and home and motherhood.  With motherhood taking priority and most of my free time, there isn’t really much left for other things.  For one, my personal website has taken a backseat to this blog — which reminds me, I must update a page or two soon.

Perhaps I will be able to pull off my plan to give away my works by Christmas.. one by one.

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