Saturday Evening

My Saturdays here in New York City are mostly uneventful for several reasons.  Weekends saw Mikey, my stepson, with us, so leaving him in our apartment and later, our co-op was out of the question.  For the most part, Alan and I planned our dates for weekdays and rarely, if ever, went out with friends on Friday nights.

Since Angel came, we would normally opt to stay at home and just fall asleep in front of the TV, sometimes indulging in a late night movie when Mom could sit with Angel since we took care of him through most of the day anyway.

Gone are the late night Saturdays I used to have in Manila — spent late with Fe or some other friends.. maybe watching a movie, going around the malls (usually with Nikky), or partying somewhere.  All part of my new life here in the big apple.

So I’m sitting here blogging at just a few minutes before midnight, and topic after topic is popping in my head.  Talk about being inspired..


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