Craft Report: More than a foot long now

I have continued to knit intermittently and believe it or not, I have made progress.  I took some pictures of the scarf’s color weave and I will post that here after the weekend perhaps, but at least, I’m getting there.  I’m also looking at beginning another project, after I go up to the attic tonight to bring down Mom’s suitcase.  (Her departure next week really makes me very sad..)  I’ve already knitted through the part of the yarn I had earlier crochetted and unfurled to knit, and I’m going to connect the work in progress to the ball of yarn I have.  It’s actually more than a foot long now!

I’ve postponed doing the clapotis for now.  I will stick to finishing this and maybe doing the next one soon after.  I have so far been successful in resisting the urge to get some new yarn because I am still fully stocked actually.  Let’s see how far I get with what I have stashed away.

Balitang Pinoy (Pinoy News)

Everyday I try to take a peek into the latest news and check out what’s been happening in and around Manila.  It’s been my way of keeping abreast of how things are back home.  While things are looking bleak and everything seems to be getting worse, there are times when I feel like reacting to something I read in either Philippine Star or The Philippine Daily Inquirer From time to time I catch a glimpse of the more “masa” news from Abante from where I get Mom’s lotto results.

I still feel a strong connection to home and while I have lost touch with the showbiz happenings, I am definitely still in synch with the Filipino pulse.  I’m proud to say I’m still “pinoy na pinoy”.  Truly Filipino indeed.

So I thought I’d start a new category entitled BALITANG PINOY.  I wanted to name it KWENTONG KUTSERO (Tales of the Horseman) but that was too figurative a slant for what I wanted to write about.  Just indulge me please.

Slow Day

Sometimes it’s scary how things grind to a halt when one’s sense of urgency disappears, like when the boss is out on business.  She flew to Chicago today and won’t be back until tomorrow noon.  I had expected to get some work done, but instead, I have moved at a snail’s pace, working instead on Angelo’s invitation.  (Bad, I know..)

It’s almost 3PM and not even a single blog entry.. now, that’s a major slowdown.  I’m trying to find the energy to start working — and the day is almost ended.

I decided to change the blogskin again.. variety, variety!