Balitang Pinoy (Pinoy News)

Everyday I try to take a peek into the latest news and check out what’s been happening in and around Manila.  It’s been my way of keeping abreast of how things are back home.  While things are looking bleak and everything seems to be getting worse, there are times when I feel like reacting to something I read in either Philippine Star or The Philippine Daily Inquirer From time to time I catch a glimpse of the more “masa” news from Abante from where I get Mom’s lotto results.

I still feel a strong connection to home and while I have lost touch with the showbiz happenings, I am definitely still in synch with the Filipino pulse.  I’m proud to say I’m still “pinoy na pinoy”.  Truly Filipino indeed.

So I thought I’d start a new category entitled BALITANG PINOY.  I wanted to name it KWENTONG KUTSERO (Tales of the Horseman) but that was too figurative a slant for what I wanted to write about.  Just indulge me please.

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