Craft Report: More than a foot long now

I have continued to knit intermittently and believe it or not, I have made progress.  I took some pictures of the scarf’s color weave and I will post that here after the weekend perhaps, but at least, I’m getting there.  I’m also looking at beginning another project, after I go up to the attic tonight to bring down Mom’s suitcase.  (Her departure next week really makes me very sad..)  I’ve already knitted through the part of the yarn I had earlier crochetted and unfurled to knit, and I’m going to connect the work in progress to the ball of yarn I have.  It’s actually more than a foot long now!

I’ve postponed doing the clapotis for now.  I will stick to finishing this and maybe doing the next one soon after.  I have so far been successful in resisting the urge to get some new yarn because I am still fully stocked actually.  Let’s see how far I get with what I have stashed away.

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